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Find out how you harmonize with successful personalities. Are you on the same wavelength? Who is the best match for you? Click on one of the celebrities for an example!

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Analyze the biorhythms of friends, relatives or colleagues. Are you in sync or in a complementary phase? Where do you find the most similarities? Click for a sample analysis!

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Improving self-awareness

Understand your biorhythms in detail

On deepr life you get the most comprehensive possibilities for analysis and prediction of all known biorhythms.


An always up-to-date overview of the most important information of all tools is your easy entry into the world of Whether moon phases and sunrise, current and future events or today's strengths and weaknesses, everything quickly at a glance. Of course, the most important biorhythms are also included. Learn more


With a total of 13 different biorhythms, you can perfectly evaluate your abilities. The detailed analysis of the daily values shows you how you are doing and gives you recommendations for action. This way you can optimize yourself and make the best use of your days, playing to your strengths and working around your temporary weaknesses. Learn more


Find out your biorhythms in the past, present and future. Find the days that will be optimal for you. Plan your life to use your strengths properly. Find explanations for your actions or behaviors in the past. See how your loved ones are and will be. Learn More

Biorhythm Knowledge

Learn all about biorhythms

At the beginning of the 20th century, the doctrine of biorhythms was developed by the Berlin physician Wilhelm Fliess. But the beginnings of biological cycle research go back much further. Learn more about the history as well as the latest findings from the world of biorhythm research. learn more

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I really like this app, it provides much more data than just a graph. I like that you can put more than one profile in it and compare. Find out when is the best time to visit your grumpy old aunt when she is well!

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Especially good is the option to specify more people to compare. Helpful to understand behavior and situations with other people, or to understand yourself in this respect. Everyone can "work" with it individually

Review rating Review rating Review rating Review rating Review rating

Thank you for this very detailed, clear and -even for a layman- easy to understand options and analysis. I am glad that this app found me!