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Mood - This is what's planned

With the feature "Mood" we want to give you the possibility to record, analyze and evaluate your daily moods (euphoric, depressed, subdued, etc.) over a longer period of time. A kind of mood diary that, in combination with our other tools, allows you to recognize patterns and gives you an insight into your subjective soul life. In the best case scenario, this can be used as a basis for identifying ways to adjust and achieve a more balanced, fulfilling daily life.

"Our mission at is to enable users to live a deeper and more fulfilling life and to accompany them on the path of self-awareness. To do this, we create the best online tools in the fields of analytics, perception and subconsciousness and take a holistic, sustainable and connective approach in the development of our software."

Sounds interesting? We'll notify you when the feature is live!

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